CCULTEC likes license plate holder for your Mercedes Benz

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The new CCULTEC likes license plate holder for your MB.

Made -to -measure for the original screw intake.

Fast assembly & disassembly for your darling!

• Perfect for meetings, shooting & carwash!
• 100 percent fit!
• Not unrivaled!
• Competitive strong!
• Completely good!

Do you have any questions about assembly or anything else?
Then please contact +49 172/6776756 In connection with us!

De- / assembly:
Our CCULTEC Mag license plate holder works according to the principle: "Plug and play!"

• Remove the license plate
• unscrew old plate
• attach the license plate
• To lose weight, simply solve the license plates from the magnets

Scope of delivery:
• 2 holder for a license plate