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Minimalist license plate holder on a new level !! Our revolutionary magnetic mechanism may ensure an absolutely safe hold with optimal positioning.
CCULTEC typically reduced once again unnecessary material. Mounting and losing weight in a matter of seconds, and this with always absolutely correct positioning.
No advertising, no brackets, no compromises, perfect look for your darling.

The universal holder can be used both in front and at the back for the screw recording.

• Fast assembly & disassembly for your darling!
• Perfect for meetings, shooting & carwash!
• 100 percent fit!
• Not unrivaled!
• Competitive strong!
• Completely good!

When using 3D license plates, due to the uneven back, the assembly line does not work. We deliver the glue and a spatula with you, i.e. completely plug and play.

De - / assembly:
Our magnet license plate holder works according to the principle: "Plug and play!"

• Remove the license plate
• unscrew old plate
• Mount the magnet 1 on the original screw intake

 Note here !!!

These are high -performance magnets, the risk of splinter, please treat them carefully.

Maximum tightening torque 2.5 Nm !!!

• Magnetic elements 2 are attached to the license plate. Please note that the adhesive surfaces are cleaned and fat -free. The assembly tape used works best if you have a temperature of approx. 20 degrees.

• attach the plates for the license plate on the vehicle, expose the assembly line, straighten the license plate, remove and fix the panels properly again by printing. At colder temperatures, leave license plates in the warm (car, apartment) and leave for about 30 minutes.

• If necessary, simply lose license plates

Scope of delivery:
• 2 holder for a license plate, 2 screws


• A set is required for each license plate!